Monday, 27 January 2020


Registration & welcome coffee


Welcome remarks by Lieutenant General Pierre Gillet, Commander, French Rapid Reaction Corps (RRC-Fr)

Keynote speech by Lieutenant General Vincent Guionie, French Land Forces Commander 


Session I “The digital transformation of Command and Control”

This presentation will look into what technologies have impacted the C2, how, and with what impact. It will take a critical look at the pros and cons of the digital transformation of the C2, from faster and more efficient transmission of information to impact on decision-making and the principle of subsidiarity. The presentation will examine the opportunities and limitations of a digital C2 for military operations and leadership and present facts and figures, and will be followed by an interactive Q&A.

Speakers : 

Axel Dyèvre, Managing Partner, CEIS and Brigadier General (Rtd.) Olivier Kempf, Independent Consultant and Publication Director of La Vigie Stratégie 


"New concepts and technological solutions"

This session will feature presentations of new concepts and technologies by industrial players. 

  • What would C2 systems look like if developed from scratch today? with David Tennenhouse, Chief Research Officer at VMware


Coffee break


Visit of the Citadel


Cocktail reception 

Tuesday, 28 January 2020


Registration & welcome coffee


Session II “21st century Command Post: a new concept for the Land Forces”


The French Rapid Reaction Corps is at the centre of a new Command Post concept for Land Forces. The new concept could impact operations and provide valuable food for thought for other NATO allies in their quest to maintain superiority.

Introductory speaker: 

Lieutenant General Pierre Gillet, Commander, French Rapid Reaction Corps (RRC-Fr)

Panel discussion with 

Lieutenant General Laurent Kolodziej, Commanding General, Eurocorps

Lieutenant General S R Skeates CBE, Deputy Commander, NATO Joint Force Command, Brunssum Headquarters (JCFBS)

Lieutenant General Sir Edward Smyth-Osbourne KCVO CBE, Commander, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARCC)


Coffee break


Session III "New concepts & technological solutions”

This session will feature presentations of new concepts and technologies by industrial players.

  • Impacts of unmanned Ground System operations on C2 organisation and architecture with Bernard Clermont, Innovation Department Director at John Cockerill 

  • Display walls, servers, tactical table as C2 support with Patrick Roynette, IRTS 

  • Main Ground Combat System: what technical stakes for C2 systems? by Lieutenant General (Rtd.) Arnaud Sainte-Claire Deville, Vice President institutional relations France & Europe, Nexter 


Networking lunch


Session IV Presentation of the C2 Challenge 

The C2 Lab of the French Joint Operations Command (CPOIA) recently organized a challenge for civilian innovation actors (SMEs, startups, research labs, ...) to deploy and operational planning and conduct tool to be deployed at the Operations Planning and Operations Centre (CPCO)

Colonel Pierre Demont, head of the C2 Lab-IA, French Joint Operations Command (CPOIA)


Session V “How have military leaders adapted to the digital transformation of Command?”

Command as a whole has been and will continue to be affected by the digital revolution. Besides the technological aspects impacting command as a function, the human factor of digital transformation is key. How do military commanders judge the impact of this digital transformation on their leadership? How has digital transformation impacted the Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action (OODA) loop, levels of hierarchy and decision-making, and relationship between commanders, troops, and political leadership? How have they navigated the cultural shift required to adapt C2 to the digital era? Has this shift generated new requirements for command and control?

Panel discussion with 

Major General William Bramble CBE, Deputy Commander, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy

Gordon B. "Skip" Davis, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment Division

Lieutenant General Laurent Kolodziej, Commanding General, Eurocorps 

Colonel Robert Meeuwsen, Director, NATO Command & Control Centre of Excellence

Colonel Kevin V. Minor, Chief Nuclear Operations Branch, SHAPE 


Keynote speech  “The future of Command & Control in a digital environment” by Lieutenant General Vincent Cousin, Commander, Air Defence and Air Operations (CDAOA), French Air Force 


Closing remarks by Lieutenant General Pierre Gillet, Commander, French Rapid Reactions Corps (RRC-Fr)

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