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Joe Baguley

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, VMware

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Major General Stefano Cont
Capability, Armament and Planning Director, European Defence Agency

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Axel Dyèvre

Partner at CEIS - Avisa Partners

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Engineer-General (First Class) Nicolas Fournier

Director General for Digital, Information and Communication Systems (DGNUM) of the French Ministry of Defence.

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Lieutenant General Emmanuel Gaulin

Commander of the Rapid Reaction Corps - France (CRR-FR)

Colonel Mietta Groeneveld 
Director NATO Command & Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE)
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Major General Thierry Lasserre 
Commander of the Communication and Information Systems of the French Army (COMSIC) 


Engineer-General (First Class) Dominique Luzeaux

Director of the French Defence Digital Agency

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Brigadier General Anne-Cécile Ortemann

Deputy Director of the French Defence Digital Agency


General (Ret.) Jean-Paul Paloméros 

Senior Advisor, CEIS-Avisa Partners,

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

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Major General Tony Wright

Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans and Policies (DCOS SPP) at NATO Headquarters, Supreme Allied Command Transformation 

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